When This Teacher Started To Abuse This Student, he Never Expected Her To React Like THIS. OUCH

One teacher did not have any idea what was in store for him after he started mocking a student. He was trying to teach the student English words and kept asking her to read the words that he had written on the board. He even decided to tap her on the head. The teacher was clearly trying to embarrass the student, but he had no idea what would happen next.

He goes to tap the girl on the forehead a third time. The girl was finally fed up with the teacher, so she decided to kick him in his privates. She then runs away after kicking her teacher in the privates.

Most people would not agree that it is okay for a child to assault any authority figure. However, many people believe that the teacher had it coming to him because he kept mocking the young lady.

There is no excuse for a teacher to insult children in anyway. The teacher will probably think twice before he insults another child. The video of the ordeal between the teacher and the student has been posted online. It has been shared over 6,600 times on Facebook. Many commenters are agreeing that the teacher was out of line for treating the student that way, and he deserved to be kicked.

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