This Little Was Sick Of Being Abused By Her Teacher. So She Teaches A Painful Lesson. LOL!

A Russian school teacher got a little hostile with one of his young students during an English lesson, and the way she responded was quite appropriate.

The teacher brought the young girl up to the front of the room, and he asked her to repeat English letters to him. Each time he asked her questions about the English letters, he appeared to be mocking her. He asked her questions like, “what lesson did you come to today?” and “where did you come from?”

The young girl appeared timid and afraid as she stood in the front of the room with her head down, as her teacher continuously yelled at her to repeat the letters he was writing on the board.

One of the words he wanted her to repeat to him was “you.” When she didn’t appear to repeat it, he started forcefully poking her in the head to visually represent what the word meant.

About the third time he poked her in the head while shouting the word “you,” she decided she’d had enough of his torment and kicked him in the groin. After she kicked him, she ran out of the classroom while her teacher doubled over in pain.

Normally, students are taught to respect their teachers, but in this case, the degrading remarks the teacher used in his lesson were certainly uncalled for.

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