NY Attorney General Sues Anti-Abortion Groups for Harassing Patients Outside Clinic

NY Attorney General Sues Anti-Abortion Groups for Harassing Patients Outside Clinic

The threatening and aggressive protesters picketing outside a clinic for abortion in Queens face serious legal actions by a lawsuit filed against them by the Attorney General of New York Mr. Eric Scheneiderman. In the complaint, the Chief Law official said that due to the horrifying tactics of harassment, and the dangerous or illegal physical contact the demonstrators perpetrated many patients visiting the Choices Medical Center. The lawsuit is filed in the Federal law court in what might be construed to be a certificate of urgency due to the escalation of potential for violence.

Every Saturday morning the pack of unruly and violent-prone anti-abortion demonstrators flocks around the Choices Medical Center, threatening to overrun the place by their noisy and aggressive protests. There are several groups from churches that are acting on a cohort with the protestors because they believe some of the practices within the clinic violate the sanctity of human life. Gothamist writes that the most vocal church groups include the Church at the Rock which explicitly positions anti-abortion protesting as one of its core ministries, Bright Dawn Ministries in Brooklyn, Grace Baptist Church in Woodlawn, and the Church at the Rock in Brooklyn.

According to one anonymous witness account, about three years ago he was treated to a horrifying and unforgettable spectacle by a man who climbed a narrow step ladder with a megaphone outside the clinic to gain a vantage position from which he could scream and hurl insults to the women trying to get entry into the hospital. A press statement quoted the Attorney General as saying the objective of the lawsuit was to meant to end the unnecessary harassment that Choices Clinic was facing in the form of deliberate collisions with volunteer escorts trying to usher in patients, crowding the patients, and the violent threats directed against everybody.

Some of the allegations contained in the suit are aggressive acts by the demonstrators to descend on patients approaching the clinic and forcing them to the exterior wall of the hospital where they are pinned against the wall. The passenger side doors of the patients arriving by car are also obstructed by the important bodies of the protesters who go as far as thrusting their hands and heads into any windows that are opened.

Apart from the harsh vitriol from the mobs, the unruly crowds also collide with the volunteer escorts deliberately by shoving and pushing them as the attendants attempt to protect the patients from a barrage of physical assault. The mobs protesting against Choices make threats of deadly aggression and terrorist attacks against the patients and their escorts. And all clinics where abortions are carried out, warning that such establishments will face dire consequences.

In the suit, the demonstrators are also accused of harassing the children and families of the patients by lying to them that if they went to the clinic, they would be persuaded to kill their babies because that was how the hospital made money. According to Schneiderman, the uncouth tactics regular prevent patients from accessing necessary and vital health care provided by the clinic. The protest groups are accused by the suit of gross violation of the federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act and the New York State Clinic Access Act. It calls for an immediate injunction against the protesters to stop them from going on with patient harassment. A statement from the office of Schneiderman said that the filing of the lawsuit came after investigations that took and entire year. It, therefore, seeks to create a buffer zone free from protesters around the clinic that are 16 feet wide.

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